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The Best Video Game YouTube Creators

Prepare to Try / RKG
Prepare to Try isn’t just a let’s play show about a dark souls noob learning to play dark souls games (and other hard games like Resident Evil), it’s, as they say themselves, “about three idiot friends slowly losing their minds”. 
Classic British humour mixed with a terrifying Finchy (I’ll let you find out who that is), I enjoy absolutely every minute of these guys playing through games together, winding each other up through inappropriate jokes and plenty of ronies.
Keeping it to one episode a week with different seasons for different games helps pace out the show well, and seeing as they’ve now separated from their old home of IGN to do this full-time independently, I can only root for their success as they quickly become one of the top communities on the internet.
It brings me great joy to see their chemistry every Saturday morning. Even if it does involves slugs…
Over two years ago now, Danny O’Dwyer left Gamespot to begin his own company which makes document…

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