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Corporations Will Expire. Creatives Will Thrive

We are now seeing the start of the creative individual taking control of the corporate distribution and interference the production companies cause within the creative realms. 
In films we have talented and original directors such as Guy Ritchie, Quentin Tarantino, Stephen Spielberg and Damien Chazelle amongst many others who are able (most of the time) to excel in their field. To the point where the distribution and production companies (suits, executives, whatever name you like) will allow them creative freedom because of the good track record they have made for the company and for themselves.
We are fortunate enough to live with others who appreciate great film-making when they see it. These directors and writers not only make a name for themselves through the great art they produce, along with the help of many many other talented and committed individuals, they make films to the extent where people will go see their films just because they trust in their work. This trust stems from …

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